Penis Girth Enlargement Myths

Penis girth enlargement may be touted in many advertisements, but a person wishing to gain this extra size should know both the facts and the myths to be properly informed. Many men are aware that the average penis length is five to seven inches, but how many know the average penis girth? This can be almost as important as the length of the penis. Technically speaking, penis girth refers to the actual circumference of a man’s erect penis. To find out his specific penis girth, a man should use a ribbon wrapped around the base, the middle of the penis, and slightly below the head to obtain the different measurements at each point along the shaft. These three measurements should then be averaged to determine an accurate reading. As erections differ from day to day, an inquiring man may want to perform a measurement on different days and then average these to get a truly accurate picture. In answer to the question, the average girth of a man’s penis is 12-13 centimeters, or slightly less than 5 inches. Those men who would like to learn how to increase penis girth should consider if penis girth is important.

The answer to this question is both yes and no. A woman’s vagina is designed to be stretched to fit most sizes of penises, therefore a larger girth may extend the vagina more, but a smaller girth may also fit snugly. There is another side of this argument as well. For an average vagina, the first few inches are definitely the most sensitive. It is this area that will provide the most pleasure when pressure is applied. Using this logic, having a larger penis girth will result in more pressure being placed on this sensitive area, thus creating more pleasure. With this aspect in mind, it is easy to see why many women comment that they care more about penis girth than length. After the first few inches of the vagina, there is much less sensation, so extra length will not be noticed nearly as much as extra girth. With this information, is it necessary to learn how to increase penis girth?

Again, the answer is yes and no. For a man that is self-conscious about girth issues, enlarging the girth of the penis may result in more confidence and security in the bedroom. However, a man should not believe all the hype of advertisements that claim unrealistic gains from using pills or creams. These are all myths and prey on the insecurity of men. The only foolproof way to extend penis girth is through penis enlargement surgery. A better option for many men is to simply stop engaging in activities that shrink the penis. In addition to stamina gains which can lead to a better sex life, exercising can also increase blood flow, thus increasing the girth of a penis. Another option for penis girth enlargement is to quit unhealthy activities such as smoking or drug use.

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